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Maxum Hardware offers a large selection of Gas Spring Replacements that can be used in a variety of applications: RV Replacement Gas Springs, Marine Replacement Gas Springs, Industrial Replacement Gas Springs, Gas Lifts, Gas Shocks, Stainless Steel Gas Springs, Gas Springs, Gas Spring, Gas Struts, Gas Props, Gas Dampers, Gas Lift, Gas Shocks, Hood Struts, Lift Support. Gas springs may also be referred to as gas struts, lift stays, gas pistons and lift struts. We have many different end fitting options, for whatever your need may be. CAD files are available upon request. Just contact us at Try our large variety of gas spring mounting brackets, end fittings and ball studs on your next project.

MH-GS075-6 Gas Spring
Product Name Rod Dia (d) Cylinder Dia (D) Stroke (A) Extended Length (L) Compressed Length (CL) End Detail Force Price Buy Now
MH-GS075-6 Gas Spring .236 .59 2.25 7.5 5.25 10mm 10 to 90 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS075-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 2.25 7.5 5.25 10mm 15 to 150 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS10-6 Gas Spring .236 .59 3 10 7 10mm 20 to 90 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS12-6 Gas Spring .236 .59 3.5 12 8.5 10mm 20 to 90 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS12-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 3.5 12 8.5 10mm 20 to 150 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS15-6 Gas Spring .236 .59 5.5 15 9.5 10mm 20 to 90 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS15-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 5.5 15 9.5 10mm 20 to 120 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS17-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 6 17 11 10mm 20 to 150 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS20-6 Gas Spring .236 .59 8 20 12 10mm 20 to 60 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS20-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 8 20 12 10mm 20 to 150 Lbs. From $6.42 Buy Now
MH-GS265-8 Gas Spring .314 .708 11 26.5 15.5 10mm 30 to 150 Lbs. From $8.12 Buy Now
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These Maxum OEM gas springs are custom charged and are intended for large quantity purchases. Custom charged gas springs cannot be returned. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine all required dimensions. * Mount gas springs rod down. Provide physical stops to limit the spring's extremes. Do not scratch, dent, chip, bend or paint the rod. Do not puncture or incinerate. User is responsible for determining whether the Maxum Hardware product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user' application. Except where prohibited by law, Maxum Hardware and seller will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Maxum Hardware product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability. Gas Springs are also known as Spring Lifts, Lift Shocks, Lift Struts, Lift Supports, Gas Cylinders, Gas Spring Dampers, Lift Supports, Gas Struts, Universal Gas Springs and Tension Springs. We offer gas springs that are utilize in the following areas: Marine Industry Pharmasutical Industry RV Manufactures Rack Fabricators RV Window RV Canopy Marine Live Well Lid Liftgate Lift Supports, Liftgate Lift Struts, Liftgate Hood Props Trunk Lift Supports, Trunk Lift Struts RV Replacement Returnable Packaging Mobile Antennas Marine Window Supports Truck Dock Door Gas Springs Pick-up truck Camper Shell Tailgate Lift Supports Boat Lid Gas Springs Mobile Antennas Satellite Systems Hood Lift Supports, Hood Lift Struts, Hood Props Truck Tonneau Covers Aircraft storage compartment Helicoptor Doors Awnings RV Canpoies Deck Lid Supports Concession stands Motor Home Canopies RV Doors Marine Door Along with gas springs we have a wide variety of ball studs and Gas spring mounting brackets. Components are available in both zinc plated mils steel and stainless steel.

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